Infinity Métis Corporation Marks Two Decades of Community Empowerment and Collaborative Success

Fort McMurray, Alberta — November 6, 2023 — Infinity Métis Corporation (IMC) is commemorating a remarkable twenty-year legacy of strengthening and empowering the Métis community. The organization celebrates its enduring commitment to collaborative growth and cultural advocacy that have been the cornerstone of its mission since inception.

From its modest beginnings, IMC has stood as a beacon of progress for the Métis community, constantly striving to enhance the lives of its members through strategic partnerships and economic development initiatives. The anniversary marks not only two decades of past achievements but also the promising horizon of future endeavors.

Over the years, IMC’s foundational support of the McMurray Métis Local 1935 and its dedication to creating strong joint venture partnerships have been instrumental to its success. These partnerships have cultivated a network of collaborations, opening doors to new opportunities and underlining the significant impact of united efforts.

IMC’s unwavering dedication to its vision and values has resulted in a legacy of tangible benefits for the community, setting a precedent for what can be achieved through commitment and collective action. The organization has been a catalyst for change, driving initiatives that have fostered economic resilience and cultural enrichment within the Métis community.

As it steps into its third decade, Infinity Métis Corporation invites its partners, community members, and supporters to join in honoring the strides made thus far, while also anticipating the strides yet to come.

Shawn Myers

IMC President and CEO

Phone: 780.799.0995


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