Infinity Métis Corporation Announces Strategic Joint Venture with Tundra Process Solutions: Tundra Infinity

Fort McMurray, Alberta — April 15, 2024 — Infinity Métis Corporation (IMC), a wholly owned Indigenous business and the entrepreneurial arm of the McMurray Métis Local 1935, is thrilled to announce a new joint venture relationship with Tundra Process Solutions Ltd. (“Tundra”), a Western Canadian distributor of diverse industrial process equipment. This new venture, named Tundra Infinity Inc., signifies a major leap forward in expanding the environmental and industrial service offerings of IMC.

Tundra provides maintenance and technical services to customers in the western Canadian midstream oil and gas, oil sands, petrochemical, mining, forestry and municipal sectors. Tundra also distributes a diverse range of industrial process equipment, representing industry-leading manufacturers of valves and actuators, measurement and analytical solutions, electrical solutions – including motors, drives and electric vehicle charging, electrical and control buildings, boilers and water treatment solutions.

The formation of Tundra Infinity Inc. leverages the strengths of both organizations to offer an expanded suite of services and products, enhancing the ability to meet the diverse needs of clients across Western Canada. The joint venture underscores a shared commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainable development within the communities we serve.

Shawn Myers, President and CEO of Infinity Métis Corporation, expressed his enthusiasm for the new relationship, stating, “This joint venture with Tundra marks a significant milestone for IMC. Tundra Infinity Inc. is poised to enhance our capabilities and reach within the environmental and industrial sectors, bringing us closer to our vision of providing comprehensive solutions to our clients. We are excited for the opportunities this collaboration will create for the Métis community and beyond.

Ashley Allers, CEO of Tundra Process Solutions, added, “Partnering with Infinity Métis Corporation is a proud moment for us at Tundra. Through Tundra Infinity Inc., we look forward to blending our technical expertise with IMC’s deep community roots and commitment to sustainability. This is an incredible opportunity to drive positive change and foster growth in the industries we serve.”

About Tundra Process Solutions:

Tundra Process Solutions stands as a trusted distributor of industrial process equipment in Western Canada, serving vital industries with state-of-the-art solutions. Known for their commitment to safety and efficiency, Tundra represents top-tier manufacturers and offers a wide array of products and services designed to meet the operational needs of their clients.

About Infinity Métis Corporation (IMC):

Infinity Métis Corporation, the business arm of the McMurray Métis Local 1935, is dedicated to fostering strategic partnerships that support economic growth and the social well-being of the McMurray Métis members. With a commitment to environmental sustainability and promoting Métis heritage, IMC is at the forefront of securing impactful business opportunities in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

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