Infinity Métis Corporation Marks Two Decades of Community Empowerment and Collaborative Success

Fort McMurray, Alberta — November 6, 2023 — Infinity Métis Corporation (IMC) is commemorating a remarkable twenty-year legacy of strengthening and empowering the Métis community. The organization celebrates its enduring commitment to collaborative growth and cultural advocacy that have been the cornerstone of its mission since inception. From its modest beginnings, IMC has stood as […]

A new joint venture between IMC and Fort McMurray Industrial Cleaners

At Infinity Métis Corp (IMC) would like to announce the formation of Fort McMurray Infinity Cleaners, a Joint Venture between IMC and Fort McMurray Industrial Cleaners (FMIC). This exciting collaboration marks a significant milestone in the world of industrial cleaning services, setting a new benchmark for excellence in the Fort McMurray region. Fort McMurray Industrial […]

Introducing A New Joint Venture – Letcar Infinity Ltd.

At Infinity Métis Corp (IMC), we build on strength, experience, and integrity with our partners, and we are thrilled to announce the launch of an exciting new joint venture and welcome Letcar Mechanical Group Ltd. to our outstanding group of partners! IMC and Letcar have joined forces to create a dynamic new company called Letcar […]

Press Release: New Board Members Join Infinity Métis Corp Board.

Infinity Metis Corporation Board Members

Press ReleaseNew Board Members Join Infinity Métis Corp BoardInfinity Métis Corp Board would like to welcome two new board members, Tim Dyck, and Dianna De Sousa, to the IMC Board. Tim Dyck is the owner of Best Culture Solutions, Inc. in Fort McMurray. He helps employers have the right talent in place with recruiting, human […]

Powell Infinity establishes five-year agreement with Suncor

Fort McMurray, Alberta – Powell Infinity Corporation, a newly formed joint venture between Powell Canada Inc. and Infinity Metis Corporation (the business arm of McMurray Metis local 1935) , has secured a five-year valve sourcing and servicing contract with Suncor across the Fort McMurray – Wood Buffalo region. This long-term relationship will increase Métis economic development […]

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