Our Partners

Our Partners

Our Partners

Infinity Métis Corporation and our industry partners offer a diverse scope of expertise and are successful service providers within the region and beyond. All of our partners along with potential partners must be engage with the ML1935 membership, events and providing support via the ML1935 social mandate. IMC staff and management are engaged in day to day operations and business discussions. Working together, the ML1935 membership has opportunities for training and employment with all our partners, building on strength, experience and integrity.

Thompson Infinity


Both IMC and Thompson see this partnership as a mutually beneficial relationship. With Thompson`s extensive experience and reputation of completing projects within the oil and gas industry in Northeastern Alberta on time, budget and a with world class safety culture, they bring to the partnership their experienced management and professional approach to all endeavours. IMC provides both the partnership and all client’s assurance that all Aboriginal policies and interests will be adhered to and met throughout project delivery.

Paramount to the Thompson Infinity Limited Partnership is the assurance that not only will Aboriginal craft workers be given preference in hiring project personnel, but that managers will be developed from members of the Fort McMurray Metis 1935 to ensure the goal of autonomy for the company.

NorCan Infinity LP


Syncrude Canada has signed a five-year agreement with a Métis-owned company for electrical and instrumentation services at its site. The contract between the oil company and NorCan Infinity – a joint venture between McMurray Métis, Infinity Métis Corp. and NorCan Electric has been signed.

In a statement, Syncrude managing director Doreen Cole said the deal  will not only boost revenue for the community, but provide jobs and apprenticeship opportunities.

“Syncrude is a recognized leader in Indigenous relations, with over $3 billion spent in conjunction with Indigenous companies and is also one of the country’s largest employers of Indigenous people,” said Gail Gallupe, president of McMurray Métis, in a statement.

This is the second major agreement Syncrude has signed with an Indigenous group within the Wood Buffalo region this year.

TNT Infinity Crane & Rigging


TNT Crane & Rigging has formed limited aboriginal partnerships in Western Canada. Our partnership with Infinity Metis Corporation, known as TNT Infinity Crane & Rigging, covers the Wood Buffalo region in Alberta.

The TNT Infinity partnership between TNT Crane & Rigging and the Infinity Metis Corporation is proud to serve the Wood Buffalo region of Fort McMurray, Alberta. This partnership provides TNT Crane & Rigging with the unique ability to offer crane and rigging services, while providing employment opportunities to the Metis people living in the respective community. As a leading operating entity for crane and rigging work in the Wood Buffalo region of Fort McMurray, it is our goal to give back to the community we serve by helping increase potential revenue streams.

AlumaSafway Infinity


AlumaSafway and the Infinity Métis Corp are announcing the AlumaSafway Infinity Joint Venture, a partnership between AlumaSafway and the Infinity Métis Corp supporting the local Indigenous community. This partnership agreement creates the largest Indigenous scaffolding, insulation and coatings provider in Canada.

The AlumaSafway Infinity Joint Venture will provide scaffolding and industrial access solutions along with other specialty services such as insulation, fireproofing, coatings and refractory to safely increase productivity on shutdowns, capital projects, and ongoing facility maintenance work in Canada. As a result of the partnership agreement, there will be greater employment opportunities for Indigenous workers in Canada’s oil sands industry and many other companies in Canada.

BrandSafway Infinity


AlumaSafway and the Infinity Métis Corp are announcing the AlumaSafway Infinity Joint Venture, a partnership between AlumaSafway and the Infinity Métis Corp supporting the local Indigenous community. This partnership agreement creates the largest Indigenous scaffolding, insulation and coatings provider in Canada.

AlumaSafway is part of Brand Industrial Services, Inc., known in the marketplace as BrandSafway.

Infinity Métis Corp is the business arm of the McMurray Métis.

Midlite Infinity


Midlite Construction Ltd. does more than just build power lines. As soon as you identify a need for power, we can help. From design, to procurement, construction, and maintenance, we are a full-service, end-to-end EPC utility contractor. Moreover, we are experienced project managers and we maintain a team of schedulers, project engineers, cost controllers, quality controllers, EH&S advisors, and more. Our commitment to skillful project management and administration means you can be sure your critical infrastructure is in capable hands.

Midlite Construction Ltd. is owned by Rocky Buksa. As a member of the Metis Nation of Alberta and of Fort McMurray Metis 1935, Rocky is committed to supporting metis individuals, businesses, communities, and organizations. Midlite is a full-member of NAABA and of ROABA and has supported countless local community initiatives, fundraisers, bursary programs, and charities.

Paragon Infinity

Our clients’ focus on well-integrated planing and operational reclamation in the oil sands has increased over time. We help our clients at all stages of the reclamation work, from environmental approvals and renewals, to land form design, construction and reclamation. Paragon has proven experience integrating planning and operational experience from clients with best in class conservation and reclamation techniques.  Our field personnel are well-trained, active, engaged and committed to providing our clients with superior service.

Powell Infinity


Powell Canada Incorporated and Infinity Métis Corporation have teamed up and created Powell Infinity Corporation.

The joint venture will utilize Powell’s valve servicing and sourcing support while expanding customer contacts through the long-standing network of Infinity Métis Corporation.

President of Powell Canada, Fred N. Mudge said that they strive to make the transition as seamless as possible.

Shawn Myers, general manager of Infinity Métis Corporation said that Powell employees have attended and supported Indigenous events for the past several years. Infinity Métis Corporation is a subsidiary of the Métis Local 1935 and works to secure business opportunities for the Métis community of the RMWB.

Terracon Infinity

Is an employee-owned consulting and field services business that has been serving resource, industrial and infrastructure-based projects in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo and Western Canada since 1983. We are proud of our local roots and own and operate our office and laboratory facility in the lower township

Our mission is to ensure that the projects we serve are designed, built, and maintained with the sound application of geotechnical, geoscience, environmental and safety standards, so that they operate effectively and safely. Some of our clients include Suncor, Syncrude, CNRL Horizon and Albian, Thompson, Ledcor, Graham, PCL, just to name a few. We are proud to be able to say that many of our service contracts in the region have spanned more than 30 years, uninterrupted.

Buffalo Infinity

We are proud to announce our new partnership, check back soon for updated information.